Thieves of Egypt Solitaire Free Online 

Thieves of Egypt Solitaire free online is a form of the classic patience card game that takes an exceptional twist on the standard format. It’s a really fresh and interesting way to play solitaire if you’ve never tried it before, and though it’s lesser known, you easily get your hands on a game thieves of Egypt solitaire—play instantly online. 

As a long time solitaire player or someone who has never played the game once, thieves of Egypt Solitaire is a great version of the game to try out and challenge yourself. Let’s look at everything you need to know to get started. 

About Thieves Of Egypt Solitaire Free Online

Thieves of Egypt solitaire is a form of solitaire based on the variation known as forty thieves. The game uses two decks of cards for a total of 104 cards, and the aim is to build up eight foundations—two for each suit—from cards in the tableaus. Despite the high number of cards, your chances of winning are relatively high in solitaire thieves of Egypt, making it a great choice of which version to play.

That said, while your odds of winning are high, thieves of Egypt remains a fairly tough version of solitaire. Indeed, forty thieves, the version of solitaire the game is based on, is considered one of the hardest versions of the game to begin with. 

In any case, let’s turn now to how to actually play solitaire thieves of Egypt. 

How to Play Thieves Of Egypt Solitaire Free Online

Thieves of Egypt solitaire to play instantly is very easy to find online. There are many different versions of the game and you can play thieves of Egypt solitaire without even a free download. It will simply load in your browser and you’re ready to play instantly! 

The aim of the game is to build up eight foundations by suit in the top of the spread. Your cards will be dealt into a pyramid shape in the center in the thieves of Egypt solitaire game. 55 of the cards are dealt into ten tableau piles, each pile varying in size as you go along to form the pyramid shape. So, the center pile will have ten cards, and the tableaus surrounding it will descend to 1 card at either end. 

With the basics covered, let’s look at the rules of play and what you can do. 

Rules of Thieves Of Egypt Solitaire Free Online

It’s not hard to play thieves of Egypt solitaire in terms of learning the rules. Winning might be a different story, but picking it up is always going to be simple and easy once you’ve learned the rules: 

  1. Cards must be arranged in sequence based on the color and must alternate. Like in classic forms of the game, your sequences have to be built in descending order and alternating color. For example, an eight of spades can be placed on a nine of hearts or diamonds.
  2. You have a stock pile at the bottom into which all remaining cards are dealt, and you can take cards from it into the waste pile for play. In the thieves of Egypt solitaire version, you can only reset the stock once. 
  3. You have eight foundations up at the top which must be started at the ace and ascend up to the king via suit. Because you have two decks of cards, you’ll have two of each suit to build up in the foundations. 
  4.  A stack of cards can be moved as long as they are all in sequence. You can move several cards at a time as long as the card they’re moved to is one above and alternate color of the top card, and that every card in that stack is also already in sequence. 
  5. Empty tableau spots can only be filled with kings.

Now that you’ve got the rules down, let’s look at strategies for winning. 

How to Win in Thieves Of Egypt Solitaire Free Online

As mentioned, free thieves of Egypt solitaire is easy to pick up, but difficult to win. Even for the most skilled player, the odds are stacked against you. Armed with these tips, though, you’ll stand a much better chance in every game:

  1. Start thieves of Egypt Solitaire by turning over the first card in the stock pile. You don’t want to turn it any more than once, but turning it right away gives you the greatest possible range of starting moves you can make. 
  2. After that first deal from the stock, though, be sure to delay shuffling through the stock cards as long as you can. Remember, in thief of Egypt solitaire you can only deal through the stock twice. 
  3. Play any aces straight into the foundations. In thieves of Egypt solitaire free, there’s no benefit to keeping available aces or twos in the tableaus—move them straight into the foundations to free up your board. 
  4. Aim to uncover low cards. If you have more than one move available, going for the move that removes a high card to uncover a low card is, as a rule of thumb, typically a very good bet. 
  5. Only clear columns when you have a king available to play. You want to clear columns so you can move kings that are covering lower cards. 

Variations of Thieves of Egypt  

Thieves of Egypt solitaire free is itself a variation of the more common form of the game known as forty thieves. There are many variations of the game: 

  1. Sixty Thieves is an immensely challenging form of the game in which you are dealt three decks of cards into twelve columns of five. 
  2. Deauville is another common form of the game in which the first three rows are dealt face down and after that, the cards are packed in alternating color. 
  3. Colonel is a form of forty thieves and thieves of Egypt in which the cards are dealt into three rows of 12.  

Thieves Egypt solitaire free is certainly a very different take on the classic card game that most of us know as solitaire, then. It’s challenging and there’s a lot to keep up with whenever you’re using two decks, not to mention the fact that the odds are always stacked against you. But with patience, experience, and a bit of good luck, you will find that Thieves of Egypt Solitaire becomes one of the most fun and interesting versions of the classic game. When you can play thieves of Egypt solitaire free online so easily, there’s no reason not to try it!