What is Vegas Solitaire? – Everything You Need to Know

Walk into any casino, anywhere in the world, or online for that matter, and you can almost always guarantee that there, you will find some variation of solitaire. 

Now, when you think of casinos, you, of course, think of Las Vegas, which is why Vegas Solitaire is so popular. Las Vegas Solitaire is fairly simple to play. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, and it is rewarding. Emotionally if not always financially. 

Solitaire Las Vegas is a card game that is very similar to Classic Klondike solitaire, with a few key changes made along the way (don’t worry, we’ll get to those shortly). The main reason why Las Vegas Solitaire is such a huge hit with keen gambling fans is the fact that the game is so challenging. The further a player progresses, the greater the rewards. The game of Vegas Solitaire taps into our desire to better ourselves and challenge ourselves. 

But what exactly is Vegas Solitaire, how is it played, and what can we do to increase our chances of winning? Let’s take a look, shall we? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Vegas solitaire. 

What is Las Vegas Solitaire?

Las Vegas Solitaire is a very similar version of classic Klondike solitaire. The primary changes here, however, are based around the fact that the rewards gauge how much a player wins. 

The further a player progresses, the more they will win. If they are able to complete the game of Vegas Solitaire and become successful that way, they will receive a reward in the form of a jackpot. 

Free Vegas solitaire games are incredibly popular, despite the fact that they’re so difficult to win. The objective is to put every card into the 4 piles on the top right of the table, based upon their order and the suits. 

How to play Las Vegas Solitaire

Vegas Solitaire utilizes a 52-card deck just once for a 1-card draw, and three times for a 3-card draw. The Las Vegas Solitaire game will feature 28 cards which are dealt to the tableau in 7 columns. These 7 piles/columns make up the table. 

The number of cards will increase from left to right, moving up from 1 – 7. Every single card will face downwards, other than the card at the top, which faces upwards. The stack furthest on the right has 7 cards, the next one has 6, the next one has 5, and so on.

If there are any aces that are face up, the dealer will move them to create the start of a foundation. Your goal as a player is to build 4 foundations, with each one being made up of just one suit, with each card being stacked in ascending order from the ace up to king. 

If you find that there are any 2s that happen to be facing upwards on the stack, with the ace of the corresponding suit found in a foundation, the 2 can be placed upon the top of the ace. You can also place larger numbers on the foundation similarly, as long as the next lowest card in that suit is also present. So, as an example, if the 7 of hearts is found on the foundation and the 8 of hearts is facing upwards on the stack, you can then place the 8 on top of the 7 of hearts on the foundation. 

It sounds tricky because Vegas Solitaire games are complicated, but they’re a whole lot of fun and are extremely rewarding as well. 

Las Vegas Solitaire game tips

As you can see, Vegas solitaire game is not easy to win, but it can be done. There is also a wide range of things you can do to increase your chances of winning. 

Here are some Las Vegas Solitaire tips to help you out. 

Practice with free versions 

Vegas solitaire is a high-risk, high-reward game. Before you wager real money, we recommend you practice with a free Vegas solitaire game first. 

Learn the scoring system 

Before you start playing free Vegas solitaire games for practice, and certainly before you wager real money, it’s important to learn the solitaire Vegas scoring system. Once you learn how games and moves are scored, everything should become much easier. 

Only bet what you can afford to lose 

As fun as gambling can be, if you are looking to get into Vegas Solitaire games you should only bet what you can afford to lose. Give yourself a budget, gauge how much you would need to break even, and never try to chase losses. As the saying goes ‘when the fun stops. Stop!’

Don’t move cards for no reason 

Even though the aim of Vegas Solitaire is to build stacks, unless you know for certain that moving a certain card is the right thing to do, don’t move cards for no reason in the hopes of getting lucky. 


Before we wrap things up today, we’ll leave you with some common Las Vegas solitaire FAQs so you can learn a little more about this testing, yet highly rewarding game. 


Despite you having the odds on your side, you are not guaranteed to win every game of Vegas solitaire. Some games will be unwinnable.


While we can’t predict the future, statistically, the odds are on your side, as roughly 80% of solitaire games are winnable. 


What makes the game so exciting is the fact that you need to have both luck and skill on your side to win at Vegas solitaire.